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“Metamorphosis begins with ME…metamorphosis.”


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“We so wanted to start the new school year with some new and provocative manner of looking at change…some unique way of having each and every individual identify with the need for fundamental change in the way we do things.  About that time someone told us about your ‘Metamorphosis’ poster.  Well, we ordered and gave a copy to everyone on the payroll. Believe me, it was perfect!  Everybody ‘gets’ it.  Metamorphosis begins with me!!!!!!”


                                                                        Superintendent, Kentucky




13.5” x 19” Poster

“Everyone here is on the same page now.  Metamorphosis is change.  Change begins with me!  Thanks for a great concept!”


Program Director, Illinois



“I love it!  I love it!  I love it!  I’m telling our Superintendent ‘Let’s order about a hundred thousand of ‘em and put ‘em up from one end of the county all the way to the other!’  I love it!  I love it!  I love it!”


School Board President, Nevada




“I remember listening time and time again to the old country & western song, ‘The Last Word in Lonesome Is Me.’ As many know, I am a change agent.  I have always been a change agent.  I cannot remember the precise moment of impact, the precise instant awareness and inspiration collided, but I do remember being ‘blown away’ upon discovering one day the beginning word ME in metamorphosis.   Metamorphosis is all about change.  It is, I think, entirely magnificent that a majestic word like this for something as fundamentally significant as change, would begin…begin, mind you!…with me!”   


--Frank Trujillo