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Conception Science



                Conception science reveals that each human being is the unique by-product of a miraculous convergence of papa cell and mama egg.  From a total of as many as four or five million mature germ cells, only one struggling soul—just one courageous cell—can ultimately gain the favor of the discerning egg.  Just one chance in five million.  But that proves sufficient; for in time, the solitary, triumphant cell—we can only assume happily and wearily—settles into the cradled arms of the cheerful egg.  It is thus that humans begin.  That is how you made it…how you came to be.  There are, I believe, some lessons to be learned from this amazing process of human conception.  1.  You are truly unique.  That you exist on this earth is nothing short of miraculous.  2.  Never again will obstacles be as formidable; and success as elusive.  3.  You have already beaten the odds; the truly hard part is behind you.  4.  The chances of accomplishing anything you truly desire—if, that is, you are persistent enough—are much, much better than one in five million.”


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17” x 22.5” Poster

 “…this is a truly delightful piece, especially with regard to the significance of individual differences.”


Professor, Colorado



            “You’ve hit the nail right on the head when you write,  ‘You are truly unique.  That you exist on this earth is nothing short of miraculous.’   You see, I’ve been a teacher for more than 20 years now, and probably the most important thing you can ever learn as a teacher is that each and every child is fundamentally unique.  When you begin to realize that each student is, in fact, in a way, a miracle, that’s when you change your entire outlook as a teacher.  Over the past month I’ve gone around and shared it (the poster) with virtually every one of our teachers.”


Department Chair, Montana



            “Is this intentionally a pro-life message?  I won’t tell anyone if you don’t!  What I like is that it works well on so many different levels.  Kudos!” 


Teacher, Rhode Island



“I absolutely love your message here concerning the importance of persistence. So much so, I gave your ‘Conception Science’ to my students as a writing assignment.  You’d have been impressed, I think, with what they read into it—with all they had to say.  It truly brought out the best in their thinking…and writing.  We need more posters like this.”


Teacher, Tennessee


       “We used it last year and we’re again giving a copy to each of our youth leadership camp participants in July.  Expect about a hundred more orders once these kids make it back home!”


Camp Director, California