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Those Who Succeed


“Those who succeed are those who tried, and tried, and tried; not those who tried, and tried, and tired.”


Those Who Succeed  ©  1991  Frank Trujillo


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People are talking…

and here is what they are saying…


            “I had it up for four, maybe five, weeks.  My students kept saying, ‘I don’t get

it!’ ‘I don’t get it.’  Finally, one day one of them ‘got it.”  And now everyone ‘gets it!’  I want

to thank you, for it’s provided us all with an interesting way of emphasizing the importance of

persistence.  In my book, there’s nothing overall more important to learning—or to work, or to life

in general, than persistence!  Thanks to you, now we all ‘get it!’”


                                                                                    Middle School Teacher, Ohio