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The Dullest Depths of Sleep


            “Scientists believe the human mind is working, even in the dullest depths of sleep.  Hypnology, the study of sleep—once largely a misunderstood and undervalued science—has earned its rightful place in modern society.  This however is not the place.  Warning:  Sleeping is strictly prohibited on premises.  Also prohibited:  Dozing, napping, slumbering, snoozing, lassitude, listlessness, catching z’s, indisposition to exertion, morbid drowsiness, stupor, apathy, inanimation, stagnancy, vegetation, passivity, spiritlessness, droopiness, disengagedness, dormancy, trancelike behavior, dormience, somnambulism, zoning-out behavior, narcosis, lethargy, somnolence, torpidity, catalepsy, and estivation.”


The Dullest Depths of Sleep  ©  1991  Frank Trujillo


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