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12” x 16” Poster

How You Spell Relief


“For all the problems that plague the world,

e d u c a t i o n  is how you spell relief.”


How You Spell Relief  ©  1991  Frank Trujillo


All rights reserved.  Unauthorized use

subject to full enforcement of the law.




People are talking

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            “…I put my students to the test.  Last week, with two separate groups (10th and 11th graders) we spent the better part of two class periods trying to see if there was anything—literally anything, any problem adversely affecting our community/society/nation/world—for which the ultimate solution was not education.  After spending two days on this, we could not find one.  About 100 people here in Austin just love your poster!”


Teacher, Texas



“The teacher made us write about it what the writer meant and all.   It was work but it was fun.”


Student, California



“Everyone I talk to says this is their favorite!”


Student, Montana