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Minding My Only Business


            “Teachers and parents dish out so much advice—especially about the future—that students often wish their elders would stay where they belong and mind their own business.  Speaking as your teacher, there are three things I have to say on this subject:


1.                  Society has contracted with me to help build your future.

2.                  I am exactly where I belong.  You are my business, my only business.

3.                  On the matter of my advice:  Whether I’m recommending, admonishing, pleading, or exhorting, I guess you could say I’m simply minding my only business!”


Minding My Only Business  © 1991 Frank Trujillo


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12” x 16” Poster

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            “It was decided at our faculty meeting last week that we would incorporate as our theme the words ‘Minding My Only Business’ …throughout our school (middle school).  Attached please find our school order for 28 additional posters.  Obviously, it was a real hit with everyone here.”


Principal, Oklahoma