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12” x 16” Poster

Land of the Great Perhaps


“Critical thinking is your ticket

to the land of the great perhaps.”


Land of the Great Perhaps  ©  1991  Frank Trujillo


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            “I hope you continue producing posters on this important topic.  Nothing, nothing is more important than teaching children and youth to think critically!  I love this poster!


Program Director, Louisiana



“I have always loved the quote from John F. Kennedy, ‘Some men (sic) look at things as they are and ask “Why?;” I look at things that never were and ask “Why not?”’  As I was ruminating on this concept one day, it occurred to me that individuals who engage in the ongoing quest for human betterment indeed spend the greater part of a lifetime asking such questions as “What if…?” and “Why not?”  It came to me that these people, these critical thinkers, live out the full span of their significant lives in a kind of a ‘unique’ and ‘different’ space or territory or land…a kind of a ‘parallel universe.’  It occurred to me to call this ‘territory’ the ‘land of the great perhaps.’


--  Frank Trujillo