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Unless You Do


“None of the education improvement strategies will work unless you do.”


Unless You Do  © 1991  Frank Trujillo


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12” x 16” Poster

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            “These admittedly simple words of yours arrive at what, in my opinion, is a very profound truth.  As a school administrator (VP, Principal, Curriculum Director, Superintendent) I’ve been around long enough to have seen literally dozens and dozens of school board initiatives, state education department proposals, even a bunch of mandates handed down by the state legislature.  But the truth is that none of them will work unless we do.  Unless we work—and not necessarily harder, but smarter.  Unless parents work.  Unless teachers work.  Unless we truly get students to value and honor the ethic of work.  Nothing is going to work, until and unless we put an end to some of the rituals of teaching and get on with the really critical aspects, as they say, where the rubber meets the road.  Anyhow…I have it up in my office and many say they enjoy this piece.”


School Superintendent, California