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Laboratory Conditions



            “You have a body, and a mind, and a soul.  Each is a laboratory in which what is being researched, designed, engineered, developed, assembled, and tested is this:  YOUR FUTURE.  Laboratory conditions are up to you.”


Laboratory Conditions  ©  1991  Frank Trujillo


All rights reserved.  Unauthorized use

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12” x 16” Poster

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            “Of everything you have done, this is my favorite!”


Teacher/Coach, Nebraska



            “I love ‘Laboratory Conditions.’  I ended up spending an hour on the subject matter of this (poster) with my students.  As a class, we analyzed the writing, word by word, piece by piece…examined very thoroughly what we felt the author was saying.  This led to one of the most productive discussions I have ever had the pleasure of leading as a teacher.”


Teacher, Department Chair