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12” x 16” Poster



Those Who Tried


“People can try, and try, but

no one can force you to learn.

Someday you’ll thank

those who tried.”


Those Who Tried  © 1991  Frank Trujillo


All rights reserved.  Unauthorized use

subject to full enforcement of the law.




People are talking

…and here is what they’re saying…



“I gave this to my students recently as a writing/small group discussion assignment. Worked great!   (They got it!)  Excellent prompt.”


Teacher, Maryland



            “We (teachers) were each given a copy at last years end-of-school banquet.  It was very well received by all concerned.”


Teacher, Arkansas



            “You always remember the teacher who challenged you to perform at the level of your very best.  I wanted to share the sentiment, so I put my copy up on the bulletin board in our staff work room”


Principal, North Carolina