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Bilding Me A Fewchr



                Dear Teacher:  Today Mommy cried.  Mommy asked me, “Jody do you really know why you are going to school?”  I said, “I don’t know, why?”  She said it is ‘cause we are going to be building me a future.  I said, “What is a future?  What (does) one look like?”  Mommy said, “I don’t know, Jody, no one can really see all your future, just you.  Don’t worry, ‘cause you’ll see, you’ll see.”  That’s when she cried and said, “Oh, Jody, I love you so!”  Mommy says every one needs to work really hard for us kids to make our futures the nicest ones the world can offer.  Teacher, can we start today to build me a future?  Can you try especially hard to make it a nice pretty one, just for Mommy and for me?  I love you, Teacher.  Love, Jody


Bilding Me A Fewchr  ©  1990  Frank Trujillo


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About the poster…


“Bilding Me A Fewchr” was written, at age 41, by Dr. Frank Trujillo, former teacher, school superintendent and university professor.  It then took Frank several months of trial and error to ensure the artwork for “Jody’s letter” was just right.  Especially challenging for Frank was the “child’s” scrawl, which he achieved only after having attempted it some forty or forty-five times.  Ultimately, his efforts resulted in the creation of a beautiful 24” x 36” full-color poster – designed, illustrated, and produced by Frank Trujillo.


24” x 36” Poster


Once completed, Frank began marketing his poster to schools throughout the country via ProTeach Publications, the small teacher and student empowerment company he founded in 1986.  Thousands of copies have since found their way into classrooms, school offices, district meeting rooms – and, from there, deep into the hearts and minds of teachers, parents and children.  Many individuals throughout the world first saw and read Trujillo’s “Bilding Me A Fewchr” in the book Chicken Soup for the Soul, the New York Times bestseller written and compiled, in 1993, by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen.  Subtitled, “101 Stories to Open the Heart and Rekindle the Spirit,” more than 5 million copies of this inspiring book have already been sold, catapulting what some call “Jody’s letter” into the ranks of best read stories.  “Bilding Me A Fewchr” has touched millions and will assuredly continue to inspire and motivate countless millions more.  It is a true classic.  “If it impacts and forever changes just one teacher or just one parent,” says Frank, “if it helps us in some way to raise the standard for caring – if it helps build a better future for just one child, then it will all have been more than worthwhile.”


“Bilding Me a Fewchr” is the basis for the ongoing national Build Me a Future Project, a non-partisan letter-writing campaign initiated several years ago using our poster by McLean-Waynesville School in McLean, Illinois.  Kids of all ages are encouraged to send letters to President Clinton (and, of course, to our next President) suggesting ways we can work together to help build us all a better future.  Interested in having your students participate?  It’s easy!  Simply send all letters to:  President Bill Clinton, c/o Build Me a Future Project, The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington, DC 20500


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            “I saw your poster ‘Bilding Me A Fewchr’ last week in a school I was substitute teaching in.  I absolutely loved it…”


Substitute Teacher, Woodmere, New York



            “Please send our school a copy of the poster ‘Bilding Me A Fewchr’ so we can be reminded of the heart of teaching.”


Teacher, Battle Creek, Michigan



            “I would like a copy of your company’s catalogue.  My principal has the poster ‘Bilding Me A Fewchr’ and I fell in love with it!…”


Teacher, South Carolina