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Giver of a Lifelong Gift




17” x 22.5” Poster


                You are the giver of a lifelong gift.  An impulse; an enduring tool; a prolific engine called learning.  The infectious transfer of enthusiasm.  A glittering implosion…the exhilaration of teaching!  And because the price can be so very high, there are few who risk the full cost of caring, genuinely caring, as you do.  It is your commitment, your sacrifice, your courage through which many ultimately realize the fruits of your sterling sheer goodness, and your special talent for sharing.  So please know, and remember always, that in the giving of your priceless, loving gift, boundless, limitless, you make their future…and ours.  It is for this that forever, always, the world will be in your debt.  For you are the giver of a lifelong gift.  And we…we thank you; we…salute you, Teacher.”


Giver Of A Lifelong Gift  ©  1989 Frank Trujillo


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                “…Driving home from the workshop today, I couldn’t get it out of my head, ‘I am the GIVER OF A LIFELONG GIFT, GIVER OF A LIFELONG GIFT, GIVER OF A LIFELONG GIFT’…  It sinks deep down somewhere inside of you, and eventually becomes a kind of a mantra.  I realize now that what I do is truly special.  A teacher is, indeed, a giver of a forever gift—a giver of a lifelong gift.”


Teacher, Vermont




            “Dear Dr. Trujillo,


You are the giver of a lifelong gift.  I can’t explain the impact your poem had on my teachers.  This year, with a selected child from each of 24 classes, we did a choral reading for our teachers.  At the end, the teachers were presented with your poem, a red carnation & a hug by their student.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd.  How wonderful to have this way with words.  I just wanted you to know it was especially appreciated at Marshall School in Fowler.



                                                                        Mary Vaughn, Principal”

                                                                                    Fowler, California