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If Education Was Truly A Priority…




18” x 24” Poster


 “…we would restrict classroom size to three times the number of children a parent could sanely supervise at home, or nineteen, whichever was less.”


            “…many parents would discontinue the practice of viewing their child’s education from the position of



            “…parent-teacher meetings would take on the character of rock concerts; it would be reported periodically that individuals were trampled squeezing into a packed school auditorium.”


            “…instead of burgers and beer, every third billboard and one out of five advertisements would highlight the importance of education.”


            “…the general public would know as much about schooling as they do the intricacies of their state’s lottery.”


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“It really gets you to thinking about all the improvements that would be made to society if education was #1.  We say it’s a priority, but it isn’t.  It darned well ought to be!”


C.E.O., San Diego, California



“It made me realize that our country needs to focus more on education and raising children properly.  If education was more of a priority, we wouldn’t have half of the problems we presently have in our society!”


Program Manager, Milwaukee, Wisconsin



“Dr. Trujillo’s poster ‘If Education Was Truly A Priority’ has some excellent ideas for changing our educational system for the better.  I had a great time sharing these with my friends.”


Teacher, Baldwin Park, California