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A Teacher Is



16” x 20” Poster



                A teacher is the center link in a branched chain…A teacher is the pivotal link connecting children to adults and children to the children yet to be.  A teacher is the crucial link in the chain from the past to the future.  And from the unknown to the known.  Holding together for all the world what was what is and what one day might, could, will, and must be.  It is this, and more, that a teacher is.


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People are talking

…and here is what they’re saying…



            “This is absolutely my favorite!  As a Team Leader/Consultant within my district, I have occasion to read it many times a year to each of several various teacher groups with whom I work.  I know sooner or later we will probably tire of it…but there are no signs of that happening yet!”


District Consultant, South Carolina



            “I attended a leadership seminar in August…sponsored by Ohio Education Assoc.  We heard a wonderful poem that you had written, the piece called ‘A Teacher Is.’  It was fantastic!  Great respect for the profession and love of teachers was shown.  Very inspirational!  I teach social studies in a middle school in ___ County (name of county).  I’ve taught 25 years so you can see I need a little inspiration at this point!”


Teacher, Ohio


                        When I speak in front of teachers I will oftentimes do dramatic readings of one or another of my writings.  Such is the case with ‘A Teacher Is.’ I’ve been reading it in public now for more than ten years.   There is a beautiful instrumental piece by Neil Diamond that I stumbled across a good many years ago.  It is called ‘Theme.’  As it happens, my reading of ‘A Teacher Is’ works quite nicely within the context of this compelling piece of music.”


--  Frank Trujillo