Excerpts from….


The Power to Teach



“…What power do I have

in the system?

In the eyes

 of my students

I am

the system.


And I have the power

to lead them places

they did not know existed,

to build them back up

when society

 tears them down,

to catapult them higher

than I myself will ever reach,

and to push them gently,

but assuredly,

into the unknown,

painting for them

in broad brush strokes

a future

I can never

hope to see…”


The Power to Teach (excerpt)  ©  1987  Frank Trujillo


All rights reserved.  Unauthorized use

subject to full enforcement of the law.



People are talking

…and here is what they’re saying…


24” x 36” Poster



          “I’ve just finished reading your piece ‘The Power to Teach.’  It gives me chills!  I, too, am an educator, and I share your project.  Thank you for what you have taken on.  We are making a difference in education!”


Education Specialist, Texas



            “I have used ‘The Power to Teach’ poster at Teacher Orientation for the past 5-6 years.  I read it out loud and then give each teacher a copy.  As a team, we ask them to take it home and put it in a place where they are sure to see it when they need it.  We find this is very, very helpful—for our new as well as our more experienced teachers.  I want you to know, this “Power to Teach” is one incredible piece of writing!”          


Principal, Texas


            “I have six true teacher friends…we’ve been through it all over the years, burnout, etc.  I getting each of them a copy of ‘The Power to Teach.’  Nothing out there says it better.”


Teacher, Southern California



            “…truly the finest gift I have ever received throughout my twenty seven years of teaching…”



Teacher, New York



                “…Your ‘Power To Teach” poster is now posted in Costa Rica, Central America and I might add, it looks beautiful!  Thank you again.  It reminds me of why I’m here…”


First Year Teacher, Costa Rica